All our wines are made from hand picked, hand plunged and basket pressed grapes from either our own organically run estate or from neighbouring vineyards in the Blackwood Valley region.

Up until this year, all our bottles used cork closures. This renewable resource is the closure of choice for environmental and economic sustainability. New cork production procedures have seen cork manufacturers guarantee no cork-taint.

This year, we have decided to trial using a stelvin (screw top) bottle for our 2013 Sauvignon Blanc and Rose. We believe that the cork closure is the appropriate choice for red wines. Cork allows the wine to continue to develop and mature within in the bottle but the white and rose wines do not have the same necessities. We will continue to use cork for all our red wines.

Our wines have been fermented without the use of artificial refrigeration or heating thus reducing our consumption of electricity. Fermentation temperatures of the 2011 Rose and the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc and Rose (18 C) were maintained by careful monitoring and movement of the wine in and out of the winery, taking advantage of the cold frosty nights of this region, and the stable insulated environment of our winery. This year we decided to make a classic, dry style of Sauvignon Blanc, so we fermented it at a cooler temperature (10 C) giving the wine a clean, fresh finish.

To reduce environmental impact and retain full flavour, no wines have been 'cold stabilised' (artificially chilled to -2 C to remove unstable crystalline deposits which some people find aesthetically unpleasant). Some deposit of potassium bitartrate may occur within the bottle and may appear as red crystals in the red wines and coloured 'wine diamonds' in the white and rose wines.

Nest We use minimal amounts of preservative in our wine to ensure the quality of our product.

We do not fine our wines with any dairy, egg or fish products leaving them vegan friendly and full of flavour.


We run our vineyard and winery organically for the benefit of the earth and our family that live in and around the area. We invite people to visit our vineyard and winery to talk to us and observe for themselves the organic nature of our family business.